The Great Suspender: A quick guide on how to get it back on Chrome

The Great Suspender (2013–2021) | Twitter @greatsuspender
  1. Download v7.1.6 of The Great Suspender from their now celebrated GitHub page.
  2. Save and unzip this folder (tgs-7.1.6) to a location of your choice (and for Pete’s sake remember where in the mess of downloads / documents / desktop folder you save it to!)
  3. Open a new tab on Chrome, type in chrome://extensions (Medium doesn’t allow hyperlinking this — sorry!) and hit enter / return / go.
  4. Find the little Developer Mode Toggle in the top right corner of this tab and flip it on to reveal three options as below.
Toggle the ‘Developer mode’ switch to reveal these options on chrome://extensions




Overthinker | Product Leader | Mobile Apps | Dog Lover | Bangalorean

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Adarsh Raja

Adarsh Raja

Overthinker | Product Leader | Mobile Apps | Dog Lover | Bangalorean

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